VW GOLF R-IX Rental Luxury Car Hire

Car Description:-

Car Title :- Blue Hatchback DSG
Age :- 23
Deposit :- £1000
Daily :- £150
Miles Per Day :- 100

On paper, what is essentially a Golf GTI with more power and four-wheel drive doesn’t sound all that exciting yet, in the R, VW has made a genuinely rapid car with that rare knack of feeling totally secure and, at the same time, fantastically biddable, as if it were always working out the best way to extract the most pace from any given input on any given road.
Think of it as a Golf GTI with a reprogrammed ability map that comes into its own beyond 8/10ths, where the less powerful front-drive car would be starting to get distinctly ragged, and you’ll have a fair idea of the Golf R’s exceptional skill set.

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