Car Description:-

Car Title :- White AMG Spec Diesel Convertible
Age :- 25+
Deposit :- £1000
Weekend :- £500
Daily :- £175
Miles Per Day :- 100

If you need a bit of practicality, though, the C-Class cabrio is a far better bet than the SLC. It has a decent sized boot and actual back seats. Anyone sat in the back of a convertible might normally have grievances about their head being blustered wildly around once the car’s at an acceptable speed, but Merc has planned ahead and fitted the C-Class (albeit optionally) with something called Aircap. It’s essentially the combination of a rail that whirrs up from the top of the windscreen and a big plastic wind deflector that pops up behind the rear seats, and together they combat nasty wind blowing around the cabin on the move. At least from the outside.

While the C-Class has a traditional soft top, the addition of the folding mechanism and chassis strengthening means it weighs a decent chunk more than a standard car. Not to worry, despite being rear-wheel drive, the C is hardly known for loutish dynamics, and the Cabriolet inspires a more relaxed driving style anyway. It’s surefooted, composed and easy to drive, especially given every engine comes as standard with an automatic gearbox. The interior is very good, and does a commendable impression of that S-Class. There are digital dials with seemingly infinite colour and design configurations, as well as a central media screen that sits right in your line of vision and doesn’t distract you from the road.

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