HURACAN SPYDER-IX Rental Luxury Car Hire

Car Description:-

Car Title :- Green 4.2 Turbo Charged
Age :- 25
Deposit :- £5000
Weekend :- £2850
Daily :- £950
Miles Per Day :- 100

The Huracán will be remember as something of a trailblazer when Sant’Agata launched it with an active variable-ratio power steering system, dubbed ‘Lamborghini Dynamic Steering’ (LDS). The set-up allows for particularly direct control over the front wheels at low speeds, with gentler directional responses at higher speeds to the benefit of handling stability.

It sounds simple enough and maybe even uniquely appealing in principle, given that mid-engined sports cars have inherent high-speed stability challenges and active racks are something that Ferrari, McLaren and Audi have yet to dabble with. As always, the Huracán is fast, loud, sharp, extroverted – and about as impactful as it’s possible for anything on four wheels to be. A fine and authentic modern Lamborghini, then. And while the standard steering set-up doesn’t address every dynamic shortcoming the car suffers with, it certainly makes the Huracán’s handling cleaner and more coherent.

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