FERRARI LIMO-IX Rental Luxury Car Hire

Car Description:-

Car Title :- Red 6 Seater 360 Modena Limo

Welcome to the home of the world’s only stretched Ferrari F1 360 limousine. The stretch Ferrari limo is one of the most exotic and prestige limousines in the UK, which is now available for hire right here! The stretched Ferrari Modena 360 Limo is a one of a kind, the only way to truly appreciate just what it is like is to ride in the world’s only stretched Ferrari Modena. This one-of-a-kind luxury vehicle is in a class of its own. It features cutting edge technology, pioneered by the team that brought us the McLaren SLR Supercar. The limo was commissioned to Carbonyte UK to build, Carbonyte UK is the pioneer of HotFusion Composite Manufacturing Technology that was used on the McLaren SLR Supercar. Not only will the stretched Ferrari F1 360 be the world’s longest Ferrari, it’s also the world’s fastest stretched Ferrari F1 360 it will be the most technically advanced limo built to date.

This limo is a vehicle of unsurpassable calibre, don’t miss out on your chance to ride in the Ferrari limo; call us now to book your Ferrari limousine experience.

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