BMW M4 CONVERTIBLE-IX Rental Luxury Car Hire

Car Description:-

Car Title :- Gold 3.0L M Power Convertible
Age :- 25+
Deposit :- £2500
Weekend :- £950
Daily :- £350
Miles Per Day :- 150

BMW’s M4 Convertible allows you to enjoy the fantastic sounds created by its 4-litre V8 engine with a very fast way to enjoy the sunshine with a couple of passengers in the back. The BMW M4 hard-top convertible features razor-sharp handling, a tuneful powerplant and a surprisingly practical interior with fully functional rear seats. The folding hard-top creates shut lines the Coupe doesn’t have, but all in all it’s one of the best-looking cars of its type. Just two cylinders of the M4’s V8 sit ahead of the front axle line. Displacing 2979cc, the engine produces 414bhp at 8300rpm and 295lb ft of torque at 3900rpm.

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