Jaws always drop in the wake of our Prestige and Performance cars, which are maintained to the very highest standard in readiness for any occasion or scenario. Of course, here at IX Rental, they are also our pride and joy, so we’re thrilled every time to share in the experiences they bring to our clients.

Ever dreamed of slipping into a McLaren Spider supercar? Why not attend that sporting event this weekend in a Range Rover 4×4 Sport? We’ve got a car for everyone, from traditional and classy (the Rolls-Royce Phantom) to cutting edge, James Bond-style exuberance (like the Mercedes Benz C63) to sheer, unbridled fun (such as the Huracan Spyder in our Luxury VIP range). Of course, that’s not forgetting our ever-popular, occasion-marking limousines.

The drive of your life

Our very own, fast-expanding fleet is unrivalled, and we can book a viewing for you on request. Take a bit of time to explore our different sections and perhaps you’ll discover something just for you, or else give us a call and find out what’s popular and why. You’ll be hard-pressed to find a wider level of exciting choice or higher quality of service (which includes professional chauffeur hire).

Enter a whole new world as one of these technological marvels becomes fully at your disposal. We guarantee the experience will be more than worth it, for it really can deliver ‘the drive of your life’. We’re even happier to see familiar, contented clients returning to exercise our vehicles on repeated occasions, building a relationship not just with us, but with our cars.

Even more options

Thanks to our special network of supply vehicles we can offer even more sports cars, supercars and luxury rental services not only across London but throughout the whole of the UK. Be the next proud client to bring a proper level of class to an event or occasion.

Begin browsing the daily rates (minimum age is 25) within the sections below where you can learn more about a specific vehicle that catches your eye. Give us a call now for availability.